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What we offer to your group

We offer a wide range of educational programs for school classes as well as for groups of children and teenagers (brochure school classes. Only available in german). And there's one thing all programs have in common: having fun.

On our discovery tours you can learn a lot about exciting topics. If you want to take part you'll get a little brochure including exercises to test your knowledge. You want to learn more about space? Then visit our space-related exhibition called "We and the Universe". The exhibition impressively shows interesting facts about astronomy and cosmology. Moreover we offer adventure-based learning. This is intended to strengthen the personality of single persons as well as the team spirit within groups and classes.


program topic participants age recommendation
Discovery Tour 1
Our earth
nature and forces of nature unlimited from 12 years,
class 6
Discovery Tour 2
Optical phenomenon
mirrors and perception unlimited from 8 years,
class 2
Discovery Tour 3
Can I trust my senses?
optical illusions unlimited from 8 years,
class 2
Adventure-Based Learning The strengthening of personality and team spirit individually, depending on group size

from 12 years,
class 6

Space-Related Exhibition astronomy and cosmology individually, depending on group size

from 12 years,
class 6


How to book

You want to book? Please fill in one of the forms listed below and send it back to us via fax or mail at least five workdays in advance. After having received your form, we'll send you a confirmation. On the day of your visit you can pay cash or by EC card. For school groups valid:don't forget the school's stamp.

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