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Welcome to the residence of the Royals of Drachlingen

Welcome to our fairy-tale castle. It's the home of the aristocratical Royals of Drachlingen! Our mascot, the dragon, lives here, too.

The castle has more than 800 square meters. King Georg II and his queen live here as well as many other royal people. 

The portraits of those living here can be seen in our gallery of ancestral portraits. But they're no common portraits because, if you talk or move, some of them will answer.

Since the king sleeps most of the time, you can have a look at the entire castle and even sit on his majesty's throne. Explore secret passages, the dark dungeon, the big library and find the king's treasure.

You want to learn some courtly dances? Just take a lesson with your private dancing master in the magnificent ballroom. A magic carpet belongs to the king's household as well. All these things are realized by using audio- and video technology, which is state of the art.

You'd like to take a little rest and withdraw to the royal chambers for a while? No problem! Just relax and listen to some fairy tales.  

Those of you who like making things are most welcome to the castle's studio. Here we draw, stick and decorate all day long. There's always an educator there to help you in case you need some assistance. Monday: day of rest.

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