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Learn more about exciting topics

The discovery tours are made especially for school classes. Educationalists have helped us to create them. Our four tours are intended to help you as well as your classmates to learn more about interesting topics.

The contents of our tours are made for different kinds of ages. Moreover, they're very close to the curriculums of schools in Baden-Württemberg. Therefore there are various ways to integrate our tours into your lessons.



program topic participants age recommendation
Tour 1
Our earth
nature and forces of nature unlimited from 12 years,
class 6
Tour 2
Optical phenomenon
mirrors and perception unlimited from 8 years,
class 2
Tour 3
Can I trust my senses?
optical illusions unlimited from 8 years,
class 2

There's a brochure for each tour, containing exercises and information about the topic. Here you can already have a look at them (at the moment only available in German):